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Organisation-wide policies

On this page, you can find and access Statutory Policies and Procedures currently in operation across The Bettermeant Group Limited.

Where a Policy & Procedure is specific and individually relates to only one of our Children’s Homes, it will be posted on the left sidebar on the Home's page of this website.

Please note: not all Policies & Procedures are published on our website and only those that are deemed statutory or essential are generally available.

Employees of The Bettermeant Group can readily access all Policy & Procedures by logging on to the organization’s secure G Drive Records Management Systems and going to the Policy and Procedures folder.

→ Statement of Purpose (v1) October 2022

→ Behaviour Management Policy (v1) October 2022

Equality and Diversion Policy (v1) October 2022

→ Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (v1) January 2022

→ Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Policy (v1) October 2022

→ GDPR & Data Protection Policy (v1) April 2022

→ Health & Safety Statement and Policy (v1) June 2022

→ Medication Policy (v1) October 2022

→ Missing Child Policy (V1) October 2022

→ Missing Child FORMS (V1) October 2022

→ Children at Risk of Exploitation FORM (V1) October 2022

→ Referrals and Admissions Policy (V1) October 2022

→ Placement Plan for Residential Admissions Forms (V1) October 2022

→ Risk Assessment and Risk Management Policy (v1) September 2022

→ Safeguarding Policy and Flowchart (v1) October 2022

→ Safer Recruitment and Employment Policy (v1) October 2022

→ Employee Well-Being Policy (v1) May 2022

→ Safe and Lone Working Policy (v1) October 2022

→ Disciplinary Policy (v1) May 2022

→ Training, Learning, Support & CPD Policy (v1) September 2022

→ Whistle Blowing Policy (v1) October 2022

→ Complaint (External) Policy (V1) October 2022

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