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Let's help young people combat online bullying and all types of harassment

Having nudes shared can feel scary, and it can leave you feeling worried or even ashamed. As adults, we know that it is illegal.

Children are often manipulated, tormented by online CSE abusers. It often begins with befriending and "sexting". Sexting refers to the sending and receiving of:

  • Naked pictures or ‘nudes’

  • ‘Underwear shots’

  • Sexual or ‘dirty pics’

  • Rude text messages or videos

  • Pic for pic

Unfortunately smart phones, online messages and social media have made it very easy for bullies to target individuals.

Bullies might use such technology to forward on inappropriate texts, pictures or videos. If you yourself have never been bullied than chances are you know of someone who has. Unwanted sexual comments, gestures, suggestions, advances or threats are all forms of sexual bullying. Sexual bullying can happen to any gender and is not limited to people of the same age.

This can cause mental stress, distress, anxiety, fear to already fragile minds of children and young people.

We need to educate children and young people in our residential provisions, that It’s against the law for anyone to share a sexual image or video of someone who’s under 18, and we’re working with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and Yoti to help you remove any sexual image or video of you that’s online.

This is what we should teach children and young people on how to Report Remove is safe, easy and free – all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • choose your age range

  • create a Childline account so we can send you updates on your report

  • report your image or video to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

  • talk to a Childline counsellor if you want any extra support, or access support on the Childline website

  • check your Childline locker a few days after your report to see if you need to add any more information and to see updates on your report

  • report any issues with this process by sending an email from your Childline locker with the subject 'Report Remove' and as much information about the problem as you can.

Read more about how to report an image or video.

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