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We believe in Practice of Restraint Reduction through to Restrain Elimination

The Bettermeant Group prides itself on being diligent, person-centred, empathetic, sympathetic and caring.


We cannot stress enough how much we believe into providing a therapeutic, trauma-informed, compassionate care, strongly focusing on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), also known as positive behaviour reinforcement. It simply means that when a good / desired behaviour occurs, it is praised and as a result,  it is likely to reoccur.

PBS has four main components:

  1. PBS is focused on improving quality of life. The most important goal of PBS is to improve the quality of life; this is a non-negotiable commitment, regardless of diagnosis, setting or behaviour. The aim is to make life better for the individual, so they have less need to use behaviours that challenge.

  2. PBS is based on specific values. PBS is person centred and only uses interventions which respect the dignity of the individual and support the reduction of restrictive practices. There is a commitment to the co-production of PBS guidelines, taking account of the perspectives of the people whose plans they are and those involved in their care including families. Punishment approaches are never used in PBS.

  3. PBS uses tools to understand what the individual’s behaviour means. This includes the use of assessment tools to find out the meaning for the individual and PBS guidelines to ensure people’s needs are understood and met in safer ways. Families and carers are often a rich source of information in providing an understanding about the communication needs and meaning of a person’s behaviour.

  4. PBS is a system-wide approach. PBS is most effective and successful when it is implemented across a whole service or organisation, rather than just for an individual. It is also holistic and will often involve adapting the individual’s whole environment to meet their needs better as well as making sure they are able to develop new skills and have more opportunities. Active support is an important part of PBS as it enables individuals to have more engagement and choice in their daily lives. 

The Betterment Group prides itself in being tenacious, person-centred, empathetic, sympathetic and caring. We believe in positive values, positive corporate parenting and positive behaviour support. 


We have joined the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN), we have created a pledge, made up of three priorities, refers to the work we will do to meet the standards outlined by the RRN.

Priority 1

Our first priority is to deliver high quality Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) training to all of our staff. 

Priority 2

Next, we will be working to enable a group of people we support to join a forum that will act as a steering group, influencing practice and policy.

Priority 3

Finally, we will be working to improve our processes around reflective supervision and post-incident de-briefing.


To find full details of our pledge, please visit the Restraint Reduction Network website.

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