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We do not believe in average.

We believe in better meant for young people and our team!

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We love growing and evolving our knowledge with information on behavioural psychology, neurodiversity (ADHD, Bipolar and Aspergers disorder), anxiety and depression, harmful self-injurious and sexualised behaviours, eating disorders, and other topics relevant to the residential children's sector. All blog posts are taken from medical journals, TedEx talks, psychologists, psychiatrists, NSPCC, NICE and leaders in given topics.


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Our Story

The Bettermeant Group, residential care provider located in East Midlands, provides vulnerable children and young people with the best possible quality of life in our residential settings within the local community.

We provide a complete continuity of care through humanistic, person-centric, positive therapeutic and behavioural approaches.

  • We campaign alongside the vulnerable young people to face challenges of modern life.

  • We work on disciplined, structured and thriving environment that every young person deserves to have.

  • Our objective is to instil positive values, give hope, and empower our young people between (7-17 years of age) to dream big, be inquisitive, and build confidence to mould into all fabrics of life.

  • We're fighting to overturn the decline in children's well-being and health and though day by day education, we will get there!

The Bettermeant Group prides itself on being a provider of extensive residential support for children and young people to achieve their personal best. We aim to shape the future of the children and young people and make an impact in the society.

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